Warranty Claim Submittal Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Contact and Shipping Info

  • Shipping charges will be applied to approved claims and must be paid in order for the warranty repair or replacement order to be placed.
  • Where Purchased

  • Guide to Description of Problem

  • The warranty policy, based on Breezesta’s sole judgement, is to repair or replace furniture. Most claim issues are satisfied with parts for repair. Parts are always more expedient and typically easier to assemble than an entire furniture item. Please identify the problem as best you can to ensure the right part(s) is ordered for you.

    In the furniture industry, left and right arms and legs are identified as you are facing the furniture, not as you sit in it. Please provide the requisite photos for confirmation of left or right. Be specific as to the location of the damage on the furniture. If you have a copy of the installation instructions, write the exact part name in Description of the Problem field under Other. Otherwise, the terms below and an example of the Shoreline Adirondack Rocker parts are included here for guidance in identifying your damaged areas.

    • Arms: Left arm; right arm; under arm support.
    • Leg: Front or back leg; right or left leg; all legs; rocker leg.
    • Back: Back frame; left side frame; right side frame; back slats; back assembly.
    • Seat: Seat frame; seat slats; seat assembly; base assembly.
    • Spreader: A poly lumber piece added for support to horizontally connect each side or legs.
    • Table: Tabletop; table base spreader; end rail such as a perpendicular piece on a tabletop
    • Joint: Where 2 poly pieces are joined/ held together (For example: a crack at joint)
    • Hardware: Seat slings; swivel mechanism; screws; bolts; propel nuts.

    chair diagram

    parts diagram

    parts list

  • Claim Information

  • Breezesta Item #Product NameColorQuantityDescription of Problem 
  • Description of Problems

    • Hardware pulling out
    • Hardware Rusted
    • Splintering, similar to wood
    • Right side (As you face the furniture)
    • Left Side (As you face the furniture)
    • Back Frame Crack(s)/ Break
    • Seat Frame Crack(s/ Break
    • Foot/leg crack(s)/ Break
    • Rocker leg crack(s)/break
    • Arm crack/break
    • Under Arm Support crack/break
    • Seat slats pulled out of frame
    • Spreader
    • Table bowing/warped
    • Color Faded
    • Swivel defective
    • Glide mechanism defective
    • Other (Free Text field)
  • Order Information

  • In order for your claim to be processed, please include the following items with this claim form:

    1. Photos of the Damaged Item(s). Include photo of each furniture item in its entirety in order for us to determine the correct design version, as well as a close up of the damaged area. Please submit at least 2 photos for each furniture item being claimed.
    2. Proof of purchase in the form of your customer receipt, dealer purchase order number, or dealer invoice.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • We hope you have been enjoying your Breezesta furniture and apologize for the issue that you have experienced. We look forward to resolving this claim for you. In order to prevent delays and enable us to process this claim, please make sure you have completed all required fields and uploaded proof of purchase and photos of each item with the damage clearly depicted. You only need to submit a claim form once, either emailed with the form attached or via this digital form.

      If your submission is successful, an on-screen message will show that you successfully submitted. If it does not submit, please page to the top to look for required fields that were not completed or minimize file sizes uploaded. If you are not receiving a success message, please download the warranty claim form to use the electronic Word document. Email the completed form and requested information to CLUwarranty@keter.com.

      Thank you for being a Breezesta customer!