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                We feel good about our

                sustainable choices, and

                that means you can feel

                good about your purchase.

                Every year, we remove tons of petroleum based milk
                jugs and water bottles from America’s waste stream.

                From used milk jugs all the way to furniture for you,
                we process, design and craft it in America. We recycle
                this material at our plant in Newmanstown PA and

                convert it into sturdy poly lumber. Breezesta is what
                environmentalists call a ‘full circle’ product, not only is
                it made of recycled products, it is a recyclable product.

                Guaranteed to Last

                All our furniture comes with a limited lifetime warranty
                that protects your purchase from cracking, splintering,
                peeling, rotting and insect damage. The lifetime

                warranty also includes a three year protection plan
                against fading, and moving parts failure. We also offer a
                five - year guarantee against hardware failure.

                                 We breathe easier because our
                                 furniture is good for you, good for
                                 the Earth, and good for our kids.

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